Back in February I wrote a blog post about Charles Siburt. For the final three years of his life, Charlie was battling IgM Multiple Myeloma. In February, the information being provided by his family was that he had reached the end of his options. For several days after receiving that news, several people posted tributes to Charles. We were all prepared for the worst.

Then, Charlie made a radical comeback. His counts improved, his strength returned, he participated in the May commencement at ACU, and even taught his Maymester course to the incoming D. Min. students. Charles was a fighter.

Then, things turned bad again. Charles was out of treatment options. Hospice was called and the family gathered at his side.

Charles A. Siburt, Jr., affectionately referred to by many as “Chainsaw Charlie,” passed from this life on July 11, 2012.

In the long career of Charles Siburt, a career that has touched hundreds of people and churches, I am a “Johnny Come Lately.” My relationship with Charles began in 2001 right after I returned from the mission field. But in the short time I knew him, Charles had a profound influence on me, my family, and my ministry.

Several people have paid tribute to Charles and provided information about his life, his ministry, and the details of his illness. These people are more qualified than I am to pay proper tribute to this great servant of God:

  • Mike Cope served as a preacher under Charles’s leadership. I appreciate Mike’s insight.
  • Ron Hadfield shared some very helpful information about Charles’s life.
  • The Christian Chronicle has an article on Charles.
  • One of Charles’s sons, John, is keeping us up-to-date on his Facebook page.

By all standards, Charles was a great man. He has a great family, exhibited a great faith in a great God, and loved people as few men do. He will be missed.