A few weeks ago I received an email from a group calling themselves Preaching Rocket. I thought it was some kind of joke. I almost deleted the email.

Instead, I opened it and read their offer. They were extending an invitation for me to participate in a free, online seminar (webinar) entitled, “Preach Better Sermons.”

The seminar was yesterday. It lasted 3 1/2 hours and was as inspiring and as helpful as anything I have ever experienced. I was impressed and very pleasantly surprised.

Dr. Charles Stanley is not someone I pay much attention to, until now. I have always associated him with those other televangelists. After his presentation I had only one thing to say: Dr. Charles Stanley is the real deal. A true man of God and a preacher’s preacher.

Louie Giglio was spot on. His preparation method? Study hard, study long, research to the max, then go for a bike ride and let it percolate. He does bicycles; I walk. The process is the same: the word of God gets in there–into the subconscious or somewhere–and becomes more than the notes on a page.

Dr. Stanley nailed it with this: meditate on the Word early in the process and then pray for the Lord to give you what to say. He almost always shows up and when he does, you cannot contain what he gives you. AMEN.

Anyway, I’ve decided to join their program. It is a one-year system designed to help guys like me–lonely, single-staff member preachers–do a better job at proclaiming the word of life. I am looking forward to learning from the best.