Jesus hates religion? Well, perhaps.

Then again, maybe not.

As in all complex conversations, it all depends on what we mean by the term, Religion.

On January 10, 2012, Jefferson Bethke uploaded a video clip on You Tube. Bethke says that the video is, “A poem I wrote to highlight the difference between Jesus and false religion.”

The video has gone “viral.” As of today’s date (February 7, 2012) it has been viewed 18,483,750 times.

I watched the clip and found myself agreeing with much of it.Then I found myself questioning whether I really agreed with it. Then I wondered what I really think about the issues being raised.

I then read a response to the video from Kevin DeYoung. Once I thought through DeYoung’s response I found myself saying, “I wish I had said that.”

Then I read Bethke’s reply to DeYoung’s response, and so on and thought, “This is a very, very, very important conversation we are having.”

And so far, it has remained focused on the issues and has not become a character assassination.

I like that – a mature conversation about a subject that concerns all of us.

Does Jesus hate religion? Depends on what you mean by “religion.”

What do you think?