For years and years I searched but could not find.

I’d lost my courage; lost my mind.

I felt lonely, I felt lost.

I’d seek comfort at any cost.

First it was drugs, then great bottles of booze.

What did I care? I had nothing to lose.

I needed care. I needed love.

Never did I think to look above.

Where were Jesus and God before?

Then someone told me, “They’re at the door

    . . . just let them in.

I did just that . . .  and was washed of all my sin.

That day I gave it all to God, I cried and cried.

For I had not lived ‘till the day I died.

                Izaak Salazar used to live on the streets of Houston’s inner city. He came to the food distribution center operated by the Impact Houston Church of Christ one day and his life was forever changed. He wrote this poem as a way of sharing his story and his faith with others.

Izaak is now clean and sober; he has a home, a job, and a relationship with his God. The people of Impact love to tell the story of Izaak’s reaction to his first paycheck. “Hey, look everybody, I’m a taxpayer!”

What an honor it is to be able to share Life with a dying world.