Real peace with God is impossible without perfect righteousness. No amount of “good behavior” on the part of sinful human beings can bring about peace with God.

The Law of Moses was a law of works. As all laws of works, it demanded perfect performance, condemned the violator on the first violation, and could never make anyone right before God. No human being can perfectly keep a law of works—we will inevitably break it. For this we are hopelessly condemned because it is impossible to un-break a law. The purpose of the Law then is to demonstrate our sinfulness, our desperate need for an adequate sacrificial system, and our need for a High Priest capable of restoring us to fellowship with Yahweh.

The Old Covenant contained provisions for a priesthood as well as an elaborate sacrificial system. The blood of bulls, goats, dove, and pigeons flowed and flowed and yet brought only the REMEMBRANCE of sin, not its REMISSION. The priests were themselves sinful human beings and, therefore, incapable of restoring us to Yahweh. In order to achieve true peace, perfect righteousness, there needed to be a change to the Old Covenant. The Old served as a shadow of the new reality to come.

The New Covenant is not based upon a law of works but, rather, a law of faith. (Romans 3:27). The New Covenant is not based upon sacrifices that remind us of our sin but, rather, upon the perfect sacrifice of Jesus Christ that forever removes our sin. The New Covenant is not based upon imperfect priests who are incapable of restoring peace but, rather, upon Jesus Christ, our eternal High Priest who has secured perfect peace on our behalf.

Our faith in Him and our obedience to Him through baptism places us “in Him” (Romans 6:3-4, Galatians 3:26-27) where we are clothed in His perfect righteousness. Now that perfect righteousness has been attained we enjoy a restored relationship with Yahweh.

The Old has been done away, behold all things are new. Under the terms of the New Covenant peace with God flows from the righteousness of Christ which is ours by faith.