In our last post we saw that before sin can be born there must be a conception—two things must come together. Our strong desire (neutral in my opinion) must come together with our will before sin is conceived. We based our analysis on James 1:13-15.

Similarly, before victory can be claimed there must also be a conception—two things must come together. God’s promise must be joined with obedient human faith.

God has been resting since the seventh day of His creation. His rest does not imply inactivity. On the contrary, God is very active in His creation. The point is that He is no longer toiling over it, fretting over it, anxious over its final outcome. Rather, He is quietly directing it to its final conclusion as it progresses along the path He set out for it. The laws, principles, and truths that He established reign supreme as God serenely guides His people and His creation home.

We can join God in that approach to life. Entrance into God’s rest has never been limited to one, isolated, historical crossing of the River Jordan. God promises rest to all people of every generation who will hear, listen, and obey Him.

Becoming a child of God does not guarantee a life free from work (nor, for that matter, a life free from pain, struggles, and suffering). It does, however, promise a life of rest—free from the anxiety that comes from trying to muscle the universe into compliance with our expectations and desires. Entering God’s rest involves relaxing and allowing God’s eternal will to rule over us.

It is not enough to merely acknowledge truth. To truly enter into God’s rest we must combine God’s promise with our faith. We must recognize the reliability of God, formulate confident expectations for the future, and organize our lives today based upon what God promises.

What about you? Will you enter into God’s rest by faith—today?