The Kingdom of God on earth is an outward manifestation of the heart of God. The heart of God aches for a fallen world. Therefore, the primary recipient of all Kingdom activity must be the fallen creation. In my judgment, this is the “knowledge” that all Kingdom citizens must learn and apply.

Biblically speaking the purpose of correct knowledge is to produce an appropriate lifestyle rather than to create an educated (yet isolated and inactive) church. In our relentless pursuit of Truth I am afraid that we’ve missed this point. We’ve allowed our enemy to deceive us into believing that the purpose of “going to church” is:

  • To assemble in order to acquire more and more information about the Kingdom;
  • To systematize and distill that information into kernels of Kingdom Truth;
  • To transcribe those kernels onto a list to be memorized by every Kingdom member; and
  • To form a protective barrier around ourselves and our core teaching in order to defend ourselves and our beliefs against all who would seek to attack them.

Such a view of “church” places us exactly where we are not supposed to be: on the defensive. Instead of obeying our Lord’s command to go to the fallen world, we demand that they come to us. The barrier we erect to keep the enemy out prevents Truth Seekers from entering the Kingdom as well.

This erroneous view of church prevails even though every Scriptural witness we possess describes our final evaluation in terms of what we do in the Kingdom rather than what we know about the Kingdom. “I was hungry, and you gave me something to eat; I was thirsty, and you gave me something to drink….”

The central claim of Scripture on the lives of Kingdom citizens is that we advance the Kingdom of God (“the gates of Hades shall not prevail against her….”) Yes, you must learn some things about the Kingdom first; however, once you’ve learned the basics your role is not to passively guard that knowledge but, rather, to work that knowledge out in a Kingdom Lifestyle.  I call that, “Working Out the Heart of God.”