We all love to see our children grow. Some people make charts on their walls in order to carefully observe and document the growth of every neighborhood child. Growth is a good thing—to a point.

Imagine a child that never stopped growing. Not only would that be unnatural, that would be grotesque. As much as we desire and expect our children to grow, we also desire and expect that one day they will stop growing.

Thankfully, God has placed in every living organism a limit beyond which it will not grow. We see this principle in every living thing we observe. To force an organism to grow beyond its God-designed growth limit is unnatural and flies in the face of God’s design for His creation.

However, many times we fail to see God’s obvious wisdom. A child is designed to grow until reaching adulthood. Once adulthood is reached the human being is supposed to stop growing and MULTIPLY. This is God’s design; this is God’s wisdom.

God designed the church to be a living organism as well. There is a limit at which a church will naturally stop growing. Programs designed to circumvent this natural law, efforts that are aimed at growing a “Mega Church” and cramming every member into one inadequate facility, impede multiplication, expend massive amounts of energy and waste untold Kingdom resources. Why? Because such efforts violate God’s natural design for all living organisms.

In churches, as with children, growth is a good thing. In order to comply with God’s design, however, there is a point at which every living organism, including churches, must stop growing and begin to MULTIPLY.

May God give us the wisdom to know when we have reached our natural growth limit, the courage to refuse to force further growth and the faith to step out and multiply.