When a king assumed the throne in Israel, what was God seeking in that king or from that king? What did He require? In the psalms the one designated to fulfill God’s requirements for the king was referred to as the anointed one or messiah (2:2, 45:7). What was God looking for in that one?

One of the things that God sought from the king was that he rule over all the nations (2:8-9, 72:8-11) and that his throne endure forever (45:6, 72:5). But God was not merely seeking a universal and eternal ruler, He required one who would rule with righteousness and justice-one who would bring shalom to the kingdom (72:1-3, 7) and who would be a defender of the poor and needy (72:4, 12-14). The king who fulfilled these expectations would ultimately be identified as God’s own son (2:7), His “right-hand man” (110:1).

Throughout the history of Israel these hopes, aspirations, requirements, and expectations were expressed to and for king after king after king. “It was a magnificent purple robe which the royal psalms laid on the shoulders of each young successor to the Davidic throne” (Gerhard von Rad). As each king took the throne and did not measure up to these extravagant expectations, the idea of an ideal king was pushed into the future.

As Christians we know that no sinful human being ever did-or ever could-meet the expectations for messiah. We agree with Peter’s confession that Jesus is “the Christ” (the Greek equivalent for the Hebrew word Messiah). In Jesus all that God seeks in a king is fulfilled. All that God requires from human beings is satisfied.

So what does God require of me? What are His expectations of me? What is God seeking from me? These questions (or this one question asked in various ways) are answered in a single word: discipleship.

As disciples we have gotten “into” Jesus Christ through baptism, we are now walking in Him through faithful and obedient lives, and we are learning to become more and more like Him through the transforming work of the Holy Spirit. All of this is the glorious achievement of God at the cross on behalf of every human being!

What does God want from you? Acknowledgement of, repentance toward, obedience to, and covenant loyalty with His Son, Jesus Christ.

God finally has His perfect King enthroned in heaven; He now seeks loyal subjects.