Perhaps the single most significant difference between God and Satan, between good and evil, is the fact that God can create and Satan can’t. All Satan can do is wait for God to initiate a creative act and then seek to pervert it. It is for this reason that God will ALWAYS be in control of the universe and Satan will never be.

     God created human beings in His image-to reflect His nature. Whatever else this might mean it seems clear that it includes the fact that He created us to live in community. We are designed to live in association with others. It is God’s intention that human beings become responsible TO one another and FOR one another.

     This community reflects God’s very nature as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit live in perfect community with one another. With one person there could be power, with two there could be love, but it takes three or more to form a community. The divine community works in perfect harmony to accomplish God’s eternal purposes. Each member fulfills its predetermined role in the plan and purpose of God.

     Enter Satan and his relentless desire to pervert the creative activity of God. He always attacks at the foundation of God’s creation. He incited Cain to murder Abel and thereby destroy the possibility for community. His rebellious response to God is telling: “Am I my brother’s keeper?” Sin always resists community.

     God’s final creative act was to restore human beings unto Himself in the Church, a true community of believers. The Book of Acts reveals a beautiful image of the Church living out God’s plan as every member is equipped for service in God’s community. Satan enters and begins to chip away at the foundation. Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians reveals the enemy’s strategy: quarrels, divisions, individualism-the loss of community.

     Perhaps the greatest victory for Satan came when he was able to convince human beings to establish a permanent division between the “laity” and the “clergy.” Instead of a frontal assault on Satan’s strongholds by a militant army of God’s believing community, Church has become a one-hour presentation prepared by professionals and faithfully attended by lay spectators.

     God created the church and Satan has perverted it. We of all people should be seeking to restore it. Restoration, it seems to me, must include a hard look at regaining true community among our ranks.