It is an understatement of gigantic proportions to say that modern life travels at breakneck speed. Our schedules are so tight they are on the verge of exploding: sports practice, music lessons, school, VBS, family life, church life. Our lives buzz with frantic activity.

           Every one of these activities has great merit. Many of us are trying to raise good, moral, spiritual kids in an evil, corrupt, materialistic culture. Spending quality time with them is crucially important. Abandoning them to the values of our culture would be criminal.

          But I’m begging us to ask ourselves the tough questions: Are we so busy, are our schedules so crowded, that we are missing the real meaning of life? Are we so geared toward a secular definition of success that we are missing God’s perspective?

          If we are too busy, if our schedules are too crowded, if we are neglecting our inner beings then we are paying too high a price. If our definition of success (for ourselves or our kids) does not involve spiritual transformation then we are missing the point. We may give our kids a great education, a huge nest egg, and a grand future vocationally; but parents, and especially dads, if we fail to give them an example of spiritual transformation then we have given them nothing.

          Spiritual transformation involves a fundamental choice. Choosing to live for Jesus Christ means adopting a lifestyle-a rule of life. In the midst of our frantic busy-ness we MUST discipline ourselves to make room for God in our lives.

          My prayer is that you will choose to discipline yourself to depend more fully upon God and His grace to transform you. My joy is to see every member of the church I serve (myself included) growing into the image of Jesus Christ; to do that we must be deeply committed to the discipline of spiritual formation.