The results from the 2000 Census sent shock waves across the nation. Hispanics are now officially the largest minority group in the United States of America. There are over 37 million people living in this country who are of Hispanic origin. This increase sent Hispanics surging past the black population of 36.2 million and made them the largest minority group nationally.

          Obviously these figures have huge implications for the Lord’s people living within the United States. ‘The possibilities for starting new Hispanic or Latino churches in . . .  the United States is staggering,” says Geoff Giesemann, author of the book, Hispanic Ministry in the USA.

          According to the 2003 edition of Mac Lynn’s Churches of Christ in the United Statesthere are 240 Hispanic congregations in the United States. However, Abel Alvarez estimates that 90 percent of all Iglesias de Cristo have only 35 to 75 members. Even with 240 congregations nationwide there are only 10,000 New Testament Christians among the over 37 million Hispanics living among us!

          Something must be done-and quickly! But what? How can a small group of Christians meeting in Richmond, VA make a difference? My view is that it begins with a shift in attitude. “Faithfulness” may not mean merely showing up routinely and warming a pew. Perhaps the concept of faithfulness within the Lord’s Body should be reconnected in our minds to idea of a Great Commission vision among God’s people.