When that Final Day dawns and the Trumpet of God sounds, where do you want to be found? Perhaps our first reaction is, “I want to be found in church praying, singing, giving, partaking of the Lord’s Supper and listening to a sermon.” This would be a great place to be found but does our initial reaction really address the question properly?

     Paul says, without hesitation, that when That Day dawns he wants to be found “In Christ.” (Philippians 3:8-9). Paul’s perspective seems to indicate that there is a location that transcends this physical realm. Being in Christ rises above many of our mundane activities. We can be in Christ while we work, while we eat, while we sleep, even while we watch a football game!

     Perhaps we need to gain our assurance regarding our spiritual condition not from the activities in which we engage but, rather, from the place into which God has placed us based upon our obedience to Him. The Bible clearly assures us that we are transferred into Christ upon our baptism into Him. We aren’t transferred into Christ because we come to worship services, pray, sing, give, partake of the Lord’s Supper or listen to sermons. On the contrary, we do all of those things because the working of God has already transferred us into Him.

     Our confidence is in Him; our security comes from His promise; our celebration each Lord’s Day is the outflowing and over pouring of our gratitude for what God has accomplished in Christ.

     Sure, it would be kind of fun to be found “in church” on that Final, Great Day. But, the chances of that are quite slim given the fact that we spend a small percentage of our week in church. I think it is better for us to focus our attention on the fact that we are in Christ and that transcends every other physical location in which we may temporarily be found.

P.S. If you want to be encouraged, take a look at your Bible for all the references to the blessings we have “In Christ” (89 occurrences) or to the benefits of being “In Him” (68 occurrences).