The “modern” world introduced to the human family a way of looking at the universe that eliminated the possibility of a supernatural realm. With the advent of the scientific method of discovery, believing in the supernatural came to equal mere superstition. What could not be observed, categorized, and manipulated by human effort was banished from human reality.

           Admittedly science has made huge contributions to humanity. From disease control to healthy diets to knowing what toxins to avoid in our environment—all of the discoveries and progress in these areas are deeply indebted to the scientific method. This world is a much better place because of science.

           But in its obsession to examine, manipulate, and improve this realm science has refused to consider the possibility of another realm. Unfortunately, this secular approach to life has profoundly influenced our world. So much so that even people who still claim to believe in the supernatural in theory (e.g., church going North Americans) have very little practical information on how the two realms intersect–much less any real trust in or patience with the other realm. Our insatiable appetite for worldly busyness keeps us from ever seriously engaging the supernatural realm in any meaningful way.

           The Bible reveals what many human beings perceive intuitively: there is more going on here than meets the human eye. Our existence, as chaotic and ambiguous as it seems at times, is more than matter sustaining itself independently of any Life behind all that we can observe. The Bible tells us that our struggle is not with the chaotic busyness that occupies our time and drains our energy. Rather, our struggle is with the “powers and principalities” that are, right now, right this minute, waging war against God in the heavenlies. As God’s people on earth that warfare spills over and becomes our warfare.

           Perhaps we need to pay more attention to the spiritual realm. Perhaps we need someone to give us some accurate information about it. Perhaps we need to take heed of exactly how God is responding to the chaos and ambiguity that we observe in the creation. Perhaps we need to slow down and take a closer look at the powers and principalities and the implications their existence has for our lives here on earth.