Sin—God forgives it. That is made clear from “Genesis to the Maps.” Grace is such a lovely thing, isn’t it? The more sin abounds the more grace abounds. Wow! Jehovah is an amazing God, isn’t he?

         One conclusion I could draw from this is that my response to grace ought to be greater sin. If God is going to forgive me anyway, what difference does it make? I mean I’ve obtained my Get-Out-of-Jail-Free Card by being baptized. Now, the blood of Jesus continually covers me so why should I even worry about sin? Live it up; God is not counting sin against me! That’s what the Bible teaches, right?

          Perhaps my conclusion is a little self-centered. What is God trying to do, anyway? Is the point of the cross merely the payment of the penalty for my sins? Or is God trying to accomplish more than that? What do my sins do to my spirituality? To the spiritual health of my loved ones? To the health of the community of faith to which I belong? What do my sins do the to heart of God?

          Sure Jesus will pay the penalty for all of my sins but at what cost? Just because I know my spouse will forgive me does that make adultery any less heinous a crime? Even after being forgiven the fact still remains that I have knowingly, willingly, and maliciously betrayed the one who loves me more than they love themselves. The remembrance of that will make the relationship more difficult for everyone.

          I guess it’s time to truly ask myself, “Am I really in love with Yahweh?” He obviously is deeply in love with me. His grace ought to be motivating me to a deeper commitment to loving Him and ridding my life of sin.

          But I’ve got to be honest with myself. If my understanding and my explanation of God’s grace is merely an attempt to justify my desire for a deeper relationship with sin then my understanding of grace needs to change. I need to repent, confess my self-centeredness and come back to Jehovah as my first love. Sounds like something I could assess in my life just about every day, doesn’t it?

          Sin—how are you dealing with it?