For nearly forty years Tom Jones has served in various roles in the movement currently known as The International Church of Christ. During those years our brother has served as a campus minister, an evangelist, a teacher, and elder, and an editor in this movement. Now he has written an autobiography that gives us a detailed inside look into this significant movement.

          You can order the book at for 16 bucks plus shipping.

           You can read a review of the book by Tom Olbricht in this month’s Christian Chornicle at

          The author has also set up a web page for those who have read the book and want to discuss it. Access that page at

          Back in 1978 when I was baptized into a Church of Christ in San Diego, California there were several campus ministers and youth ministers being trained in Gainsville, Florida by Chuck Lucas. I attended many a “soul talks” back in those days. I watched the movement rip through San Diego County causing untold division, heartache, and strife.

          I’ve ordered a copy of the book and look forward to reading it. I also look forward to discussing the issues both on this blog and on the blog referenced above.