Ever formatted the hard drive on your computer? Scary, isn’t it? The thought of losing all data (photos, recipes, sermon outlines, addresses, etc.) from our computers provokes many of us to back them up on a regular basis.

                Can you imagine suffering from amnesia? Not being able to remember who you are, who your own children are, who your spouse is—the very thought sends shivers down my spine. Can you imagine having to learn everything you’ve ever learned all over again?

                Calvin Miller says, “For most who live, Hell is never knowing who they are.” (The Singer).

                What a tragedy for the children of Yahweh to NOT know who they are. He tells us so precisely and so forcefully that it seems impossible that his meaning could be misunderstood. We are his heirs, adopted by him into his family. To prove it he has filled us with his Spirit. We are Royalty-inheritors of the Kingdom.

                The issue, then, is not who we are for our God has made it abundantly clear who we are in Christ. Those baptized into Christ have put on Christ. Those in Christ are sons and daughters by direct decree from His Majesty.

               The issue is not even our KNOWING who we are. The same God who made it happen has not kept his work a secret-he has clearly revealed his plan in inspired writings such as the letter to the Galatians, Romans, Hebrews, and others.

               The issue, then, is our struggling ability to BELIEVE, to reject all appearances to the contrary and to accept the Word of Yahweh at face value. Our challenge is to reject all temptations to replace the requirement of trusting obedience with a man-made system of rules, deeds, and observances.

               The challenge is to truly live by faith.