My sermon is finished. The bulk of it is simply reading 1 Peter 2:11 – 3:12. I introduced the section last Lord’s Day. Today I am going to try and let the “text speak for itself.”

The longer I preach the more keenly I am aware that my role, while critically important, is always played out on the sideline. When I feel I have really delievered the message well I often get few positive comments. Sometimes when I feel I have hit a foul ball someone will approach me and tell me how God blessed them through the message.

My prayer is, as always, that God will show up today. If He will appear then nothing I do or don’t do “well” will really matter.

May God be glorified today by His people. May God reveal to us the sin that so easily sets us back and keeps us from approaching Him. May God grant us grace to enter into His presence and worship His holiness with passion, sincerity, and power.

 May God Bless Us Today.