Have you ever noticed that the only time we ever see the “middle” of an issue is for that fleeting moment that we are swinging through it on our way to the reactionary extreme on the other side? Human nature, it gets a little tedious after a while.

     Is Jesus God? Yes.

     Is He human? Yes.

     Is He 100% God? Yes.

     Is He 100% human? Yes.

     Instead of simply embracing the mystery of such an irrational revelation we choose to argue, condemn, divide, and even destroy one another – all over a proposition that cannot be logically explained.

     1 + 1 + 1 = 1? OK, that’s not what my second grade teacher taught me but hey, if God says it, I believe it!

     So it is with all of the “sacraments” of the Christian faith. They touch on a spiritual “mystery” – if fact, that is the etymology of the word. How God’s grace is applied to human imperfection so as to render us as perfect as He is perfect, well now that, my friend, is unexplainable! It is beyond human knowledge, it is incapable of being reduced to a formula. It MUST be embraced by faith.

     This morning as I prepare my heart and thoughts to lead God’s people in worship I can’t help but think of all the Christian groups around the world that will assemble in His name today. All of us united in Christ by the power and working of God. All of us made holy by the shed blood of the Son of God. Every last one of us partaking of something that we cannot logically understand.

     And yet, at the same time, most of us divided from one another – pointing fingers and throwing rocks – because we cannot explain the unexplainable. Cut off from one another because I happen to articulate the mystery differently than you do – or than your Pastor does.

     I wonder if we will ever get tired of riding the pendulum? Wouldn’t it be nice to simply jump off, land on solid ground, and embrace one another instead of digging the chasm deeper by arguing over our pet positions?