Tomorrow morning (June 8, 2007) I board a plane in Richmond, VA and head to Abilene, TX. I’ll be there for the next two weeks.

This weekend I begin Orientation for the Doctor of Ministry Program. On Monday I begin my first class in the D.Min. – Biblical and Theological Foundations of Ministry. Mark Love and Mark Hamilton are teaching it. Should be excellent.

I’ll fly back home to Richmond on Friday night (June 15) to spend the weekend with my abbreviated family – Austin and Jett leave for Saltillo, Mexico that afternoon and so I won’t see either of them for another week. I also won’t be with them for Father’s Day or on Austin’s Birthday – June 20. This “kids growing up and moving on” stuff gets traumatic!

Sunday I head back to Abilene for a second class – Leadership Development with Charles Siburt. That too should be an excellent class.

So, if I am not blogging much in the next couple of weeks, you’ll know why. I’ll try and catch up when I land back in Richmond to stay put. Until then, I’ll be enjoying the beauty of Abilene, Texas. Stay in touch.