After our assembly yesterday one of our Elders approached me and asked me if I had yet fully grasped the significance of where I was now living. (In March of this year my family and I moved from Houston, Texas to Richmond, Virginia). I assured him that I wanted to grasp it but, frankly, it was a bit overwhelming. Patrick Henry lived over there, and Robert E. Lee was right there when …. Pretty surreal stuff – Revolutionary War history, Civil War history, all right here in our back yard.

But our Elder pointed out yet another fact about this part of the country: this place sits in the  heart of Restoration History as well. Alexander Campbell was a delegate to the Virginia Constitutional Convention in the 1830’s. He established Bethany College right here in Virginia (it is still located in the same spot in what is now West Virginia).

Apparently there is a little Church of Christ about an hour from here that houses several original documents written by Alexander Campbell. Someday I want to get over there and take a look at them.